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SCFDA Constitution and Bylaws (As amended June 14, 2022)

PreNeed Amendments (August 2012)

Death Certificate - Funeral Home Worksheet

Cremation Authorization – Pre-Need

Cremation Authorization – At Need

Affidavit – Cremation Authorization (January 22, 2013)

Cremation Permit Fees By County  (As of September 2019)

Social Security Administration (Information for Funeral Homes)

Complying with the Funeral Rule


Please find links from the Centers for Diseases Control ("CDC") as well as the National Funeral Directors Association ("NFDA") on the postmortem handling of COVID-19 decedents and/or their funeral services. These links may currently be found on the web site of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control ("SC DHEC") as well as additional information on FAQ (frequently asked questions) or Guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic also on the DHEC web site. 

It critically important in reading the CDC and NFDA Guidelines that any funeral home or funeral director working in South Carolina recognize and understand that these national guidelines from CDC and/or NFDA are expressly subject to any of the more stringent or more restrictive Orders which have been or may be issued from time to time by either Governor McMaster as well as any lawful orders issued, or which may be issued, by any local municipalities and counties, or their designated officials. In those matters where either the Orders of the Governor for state-wide matters, or the local municipalities or counties for local matters are already in place, or which may be updated, and those Orders in fact contain more restrictive or more stringent requirements than the national guidelines, then it is extremely important that legal deference be given to any more stringent South Carolina based and issued Orders from time to time.

In closing always ask first if in doubt, and always use Common Sense as the SCFDA adheres to its values of putting FAMILIES FIRST!

Streaming & Posting Recorded Funeral Services  (NFDA)

For funeral homes that are planning to stream funeral services over the internet, post recorded funeral services on the funeral home’s website, or simply record funeral services for absent family members so they can view them, NFDA has drafted and compiled the following forms for members to use: 

  1. Consent to Broadcast by Participant. If a funeral service is to be live-streamed or posted to the internet, it is prudent to notify major participants such as clergy, celebrants, persons giving eulogies, and musicians to determine if they have any objections to appearing on the broadcast or video. The Consent Form can be used to document their permission to use their likeness, voice and sounds in the broadcast or video.
  2. Directions to Record Services: If the family wants either a video or audio recording of the funeral service, this form may be used to document their permission to make an audio and/or video recording. 
  3. Authorization to Place Video/DVD on Funeral Home Website: If the family wants the funeral home to post a tribute DVD or a recording of the funeral service on the funeral home’s website, this form documents the authorization.   
  4. Authorization to Broadcast Funeral Service over the Internet: If the family wants the funeral service to be streamed over the funeral home’s website or over an internet platform like YouTube or Facebook, use this form to document their authorization.


Direction to Record Funeral Service

Consent to Broadcast by Participant

Authorization to Post Tribute or Recorded Funeral Service to FH Website

Authorization to Broadcast Funeral Service Over Internet

NFDA: Thank You Funeral Directors During the Pandemic

Center for Disease and Prevention "CDC" 

Grieving the loss of a loved one during the fear and anxiety about the COVID-19 pandemic can be overwhelming. It may be difficult for people to make decisions about how to safely grieve and honor their loved one. This guidance is for individuals and families as they work with funeral directors, community and religious leaders, and others to plan and hold funeral services and visitations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC- COVID 19 - Home page

Funeral Service Foundation & NFDA Team up to Offer Free Resource for Families Grieving a Death During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The free 12-page booklet, “Grieving Alone & Together: Responding to the Loss of Your Loved One During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” is available to funeral professionals at and to families at

The Funeral Service Foundation and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) have teamed up to offer a free 12-page booklet entitled “Grieving Alone & Together: Responding to the Loss of Your Loved One During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Written by certified thanatologist Sara Murphy, Ph.D., CT, with a forward by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D., the booklet offers guidance to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one during the pandemic or who would like to learn how they can support those who have.

Funded by the Funeral Service Foundation’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund and created in partnership with NFDA as part of its consumer outreach and education initiative, Remembering A Life, the booklet is available at no charge to all of funeral service to share with families and community outreach organizations.

“Now more than ever, funeral service professionals are called upon to safely and compassionately serve families and communities,” said Foundation Chair Anthony Guerra. “The Foundation, through our COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund, is honored to equip our last responders with a free resource that will help them further strengthen those community bonds.”

The resource covers the nature of grief; traumatic loss and its triggers; ambiguous losses; and the risk of disenfranchised grief. It also addresses the importance of talking to children about death and memorialization and the difficulties of being separated from a loved one at the time of their death. The booklet provides guidance on how families can meaningfully celebrate the life of their loved one and discusses the importance of maintaining your health while grieving.

“This pandemic has put us in new territory when it comes to grieving the death of a loved one,” said R. Bryant Hightower, president of the National Funeral Directors Association. “I cannot imagine how painful it is for families to, not only be dealing with the death of their loved one, but also be unable to fully participate in the traditions and rituals that bring them comfort. It’s my hope that this booklet will help families find meaningful ways to honor the life of their loved one and begin to grieve and heal. I urge funeral directors everywhere to join me in making this resource available in their communities.”

Funeral service professionals and all who serve grieving families can order free copies via Those interested simply pay shipping. An e-book version that funeral homes and organizations can embed on websites and share on social media platforms is also available online.

On, consumers can read a digital version of the booklet or request a free printed copy via The booklet will be shared with consumers via the Remembering A Life social media channels.

COVID-19 Resource Links

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